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Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

MBTA driver putting out a fire.

Our union sister Maria Gradozzi proves that not all super heroes wear capes. Last night, on her way back to the Lynn Garage she spotted a burning house at the intersection of Boston and Moulton streets. After rushing up to the second floor and deploying her fire extinguisher, Gradozzi, who has worked for the T …

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Rosenberg sees transportation disconnect

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg

Commonwealth Magazine | By BRUCE MOHL | Feb 17, 2015 Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said on Tuesday that the problems at the MBTA are straight out of “Democracy in America,” the book Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1800s which suggested that Americans may vote themselves more benefits than they are willing to pay for. …

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T’s woes are bigger than any general manager

Snow caused a Red Line train to become stuck in Quincy on Monday. Courtesy of the Boston Globe. DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

Boston GLobe | By Joan Vennochi | FEBRUARY 09, 2015 LIFE ISN’T fair. After years of bad policy decisions and general neglect, the MBTA is falling apart under the watch of General Manager Beverly A. Scott. Scott, who has held the position since September 2012, inherited a broken system. As she said in a radio …

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