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Opinion: MBTA only one part of a fragile transportation network

AP/FILE. The T is not the only part of the transportation network that needs to be updated. Earlier this month, cars were gridlocked on Beacon Street.

Opinion: Boston Globe | By Kristina Egan | FEBRUARY 27, 2015 The MBTA’s performance in the record snow and cold temperatures gives us a glimpse of a possible future — one in which our transportation system completely fails us. When the T shuts down, businesses and workers lose millions of dollars. The torturous driving commutes …

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EDITORIAL: Baker’s MBTA panel needs to provide fresh thinking, concrete steps

Governor Baker held a State House press conference last week to discuss a special panel to overhaul the beleaguered MBTA. (Photo by JOHN TLUMACKI/GLOBE STAFF)

Boston Globe | By The Editorial Board | February 26, 2015 IT’S TEMPTING to dismiss the creation of yet another committee of experts to figure out what’s ailing the MBTA, given Beacon Hill’s willingness to ignore the findings of past blue-ribbon panels. But the latest MBTA advisory panel, assembled by Governor Charlie Baker, deserves a chance to …

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Beneath Your Feet: The Maintenance Crews That Keep The MBTA Running

MBTA wheels

WBUR | February 20, 2015 Gov. Charlie Baker announced Friday that he’s giving a special panel 30 days to come up with recommendations to fix the MBTA’s finances and operations. And for good reason. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the failings of the MBTA — about systemic problems and …

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