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Senate leaders reject Baker’s plan to shake up MBTA

Governor Charlie Baker testified in support of the MBTA overhaul bill at the State House on Monday. Photo by JESSICA RINALDI/GLOBE STAFF

Boston Globe | By David Scharfenberg and Nicole Dungca | May 12, 2015 Senate leaders are rejecting Governor Charlie Baker’s plan to shake up the beleaguered Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, mounting a significant challenge to the administration’s top legislative priority. The leadership, which plans to roll out its own, more modest T legislation Tuesday, is …

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Senate leaders skeptical of plan to allow more MBTA privatization

Photo of Massachusetts State House

Boston Globe | By David Scharfenberg | April 16, 2015 Senate leaders are skeptical of a House plan that would open the door to more privatization of services at the beleaguered MBTA. The House has called for a suspension of the so-called Pacheco law, which creates obstacles to outsourcing, for five years for the T. …

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Baker’s MBTA task force could face pointed questioning on findings

MBTA logo

State House News Service | By Matt Murphy | 04/15/2015 BOSTON — Members of Gov. Charlie Baker’s task force on the MBTA could face pointed questioning in two weeks when they testify before a legislative panel, as some senators raised concerns Tuesday over the underpinnings of their recent findings. Since the task force last week …

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Rosenberg sees transportation disconnect

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg

Commonwealth Magazine | By BRUCE MOHL | Feb 17, 2015 Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said on Tuesday that the problems at the MBTA are straight out of “Democracy in America,” the book Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1800s which suggested that Americans may vote themselves more benefits than they are willing to pay for. …

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