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The T’s haves and have-nots

Boston Globe | By Joan Vennochi  December 17, 2015 TO FIX ITS aging infrastructure, the MBTA estimates it needs $7 billion. At the same time, the transit agency faces a $242 million deficit in next year’s operating budget. With an unbalanced balance sheet like that, every saved penny helps, right? But when those savings come via service …

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Why Wasn’t The Globe’s Joan Vennochi Fired A Long Time Ago?

One of our members passed along an article about the Boston Globe​’s Joan Vennochi​ (or as some like to call her―”Vennochi-O”) who was caught plagiarizing a WBUR article. Of course, Joan was never fired because she gets to play by different rules than everyone else. A more recent example of Vennochi-O “calling it in” was on …

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Is The Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi Too Lazy To Read Her Own Story Or Simply A Pawn For Privatization?

Last Friday, Boston Globe columnist, Joan Vennochi, wrote a column titled: “Labor’s hot rhetoric grows cool without facts.” Judging by the title of her column, the only one light on facts appears to be Joan Vennochi herself. In her column, Vennochi criticizes organized labor for attacking the Pioneer Institute. Pump the breaks right now and think about …

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