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Make believe math won’t fix our public transportation system.

James Aloisi

Last week, former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary James Aloisi wrote a detailed article (“Shutdown process costly for the T“) for Commonwealth Magazine on the complicated and costly process the MBTA has to go through to shut its service down every night. The article cites independent data sources that show the process costs the MBTA $3.8 million dollars …

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The T’s haves and have-nots

Boston Globe | By Joan Vennochi  December 17, 2015 TO FIX ITS aging infrastructure, the MBTA estimates it needs $7 billion. At the same time, the transit agency faces a $242 million deficit in next year’s operating budget. With an unbalanced balance sheet like that, every saved penny helps, right? But when those savings come via service …

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Baker panel kicks the can

CommonWealth Magazine | By James Aloisi | Wednesday, April, 8, 2015 IN THE AFTERMATH of the drip drip drip of a series of strategically placed leaks, the governor’s special commission on the MBTA has finally issued its report.  It is a disappointing document that fails to address the MBTA’s real state-of-good-repair and capacity needs, fails …

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