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Union stiffens stand against privatization of MBTA jobs

State House News Service | By Colin A. Young | Sept. 12, 2016 BOSTON- Angered by what they described as a new push to privatize jobs at the MBTA, members of the union that represents more than half of MBTA employees filled the audience at a meeting of the Department of Transportation and MBTA control …

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O’Brien Highlights Ongoing Problems Facing MBTA and Money Room

After a week of mismanagement of the money room since a private consulting firm took over, Boston Carmen’s Union President Jimmy O’Brien testified to the FMCB and MBTA management about the ongoing problems facing the MBTA and money room as a result of this poor management―reminding them that this serves as another example of why …

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Testimony before Fiscal & Management Control Board on 7/18

Yesterday, Boston Carmen’s Union President, Jimmy O’Brien, provided testimony to the Fiscal and Management Control Board, speaking out against privatization, particularly in response to news and announcements over the past week. Below is his full testimony. ————- Good Afternoon. My name is James O’Brien, I am the President of the Boston Carmen’s Union, representing over …

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