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Union stiffens stand against privatization of MBTA jobs

State House News Service | By Colin A. Young | Sept. 12, 2016 BOSTON- Angered by what they described as a new push to privatize jobs at the MBTA, members of the union that represents more than half of MBTA employees filled the audience at a meeting of the Department of Transportation and MBTA control …

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More Fuzzy Math From the Koch-Funded Pioneer Institute, This Time on Sick Leave

Once again, the Koch-funded Pioneer Institute in an effort to demonize working families and destroy worker rights released a new study filled with fuzzy math to take the focus off decades of under investment and poor management at the T. The following is what the Koch-funded Pioneer Institute aren’t telling you in their study: The …

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The Koch Brothers’ War on Transit

Billy Moyers & Company | By Angie Schmitt | October 3, 2014 Transit advocates around the country were transfixed by a story in Tennessee this April, when the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity made a bid to pre-emptively kill Nashville bus rapid transit. It was an especially brazen attempt by Charles and David Koch’s political …

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