Union stiffens stand against privatization of MBTA jobs

State House News Service | By Colin A. Young | Sept. 12, 2016

bcu4BOSTON- Angered by what they described as a new push to privatize jobs at the MBTA, members of the union that represents more than half of MBTA employees filled the audience at a meeting of the Department of Transportation and MBTA control boards Monday and aired their grievances with T brass.

“It has become very clear that there is no end in sight to privatization plans,” said James O’Brien, president of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, noting discussions of outsourcing jobs in the T’s money room, its warehouse operations, and some bus routes and maintenance. “It isn’t good for the hardworking employees of the MBTA, and it isn’t good for the system and it certainly isn’t good for our riders.”


“The hard working men and women of the MBTA are not the problem with this system; the problems lie with the lack of leadership and direction in fixing an under-funded and over-utilized public transit system,” party chairman Tom McGee, who is also the Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation, said in a statement. “Governor Baker’s push for privatization does little more than ensure that working men and women would lose jobs. The legislature gave the administration the tools to work with the MBTA, but unfortunately Governor Baker only wants to use what should be a last resort as his first option.”

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    • Elaine on September 15, 2016 at 8:13 am

    I just want to tell you watch out for Baker. He supposing signed into law some crap for Uber and Lyft but he never Regulated them He let this Illegal Company that was not suppose to pick up at the airport so these Taxi Drivers in Massachusettes could have a fighting chance he did not now he is letting them. Because of Baker he ruined the transportation company for Cab Drivers Limo services and any other transportation. He signed into law nothing for Cab Drivers and everything for Uber and Lyft. Becareful do not trust this Governor he lied straight face to cab drivers and made it all Uber and Lyft. Why didn’t Baker Regulate them. Why do cab drivers have to pay everything and Uber and Lyft Pay crap. Cab Drivers get caught picking up in another city they get a 500.00 fine while Uber gets to roam free and anywhere in Massachusettes the please. Governor Baker is going to look to save money and yu you will have people out of work. Just like with the Cab Companies. People in the office is losing their jobs because a once thriving Business Baker and Uber destroyed.

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