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Red Line trains once had two workers aboard

People wait to board a Red Line train at Porter Square MBTA station in February. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Boston Globe | By Matt Rocheleau and Steve Annear | December 10, 2015 The head of the MBTA’s largest labor union said that Thursday’s runaway Red Line train incident could have been stopped sooner if the MBTA had two workers aboard — as the agency did until a few years ago — instead of just …

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Cutting Transit Service Doesn’t Save as Much Money as You Think

Frontier Group | By Tony Dutzik | 12/07/2015 Cuts to transit service are among the many options being considered by Gov. Charlie Baker’s Fiscal and Management Control Board as it attempts to restore the MBTA to fiscal and operational health. Late-night service, weekend commuter rail service, and service on up to 28 regular bus lines …

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Is this any way to run a railroad?

Media Nation | By Dan Kennedy | Nov. 20, 2015 I’ve tried to be optimistic about Gov. Charlie Baker’s management of the MBTA. But there are some ominous signs that he’s less interested in creating a world-class public transportation system than he is in reducing costs for his non-T-riding supporters. Three examples: As Boston Globe …

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