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Gov. Baker Says Operator Did Not Follow Protocol During Orange Line Emergency

CBS | October 27, 2016 6:05 PM BOSTON (CBS) – There are new questions about the safety of the MBTA after passengers kicked out windows to escape a smoky Orange Line train Wednesday afternoon. Governor Charlie Baker says it was more chaotic because of what the operator did but union members say he is a …

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MBTA Union And Baker’s T Managers Agree On At Least One Thing: Leave Policy Is A Mess

MBTA absenteeism effects everything from repairs to street-level service. The fact that the governor's team and the union have at least agreed on the broad contours of the problem is a vital step toward solving it. Credit Ibby Caputo / WGBH

WGBH | By Mike Deehan | January 8, 2016 One of the many problems the MBTA is trying to solve is the misuse and mismanagement of a critical leave program that’s lead to rampant cost overruns for the agency. Absenteeism among MBTA workers was one of the factors T managers cited to explain last winter’s …

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Michael Dukakis encourages Charlie Baker to take a ride

Boston Herald | By Matt Stout | December 23, 2015 Michael Dukakis — who as a sweater-clad governor led the state and the MBTA through the historic Blizzard of 1978 — is offering a range of tips to Gov. Charlie Baker on how to cure the ailing transit agency’s woes, from getting strong leadership and …

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