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Cutting Transit Service Doesn’t Save as Much Money as You Think

Frontier Group | By Tony Dutzik | 12/07/2015 Cuts to transit service are among the many options being considered by Gov. Charlie Baker’s Fiscal and Management Control Board as it attempts to restore the MBTA to fiscal and operational health. Late-night service, weekend commuter rail service, and service on up to 28 regular bus lines …

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The Politically-Driven, Koch-Backed Campaign to Undermine Boston Transit

StreetBlogsUSA | By Angie Schmitt | Thursday, August 20, 2015 Boston’s MBTA has been having a tough year. Following a disastrous winter season marked by extreme weather and service disruptions, the agency has been inundated with charges of mismanagement. While the MBTA has its flaws, the charges against it don’t stem from a good government campaign so much as …

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Opinion: The T must succeed

Commonwealth Magazine | By Tony Dutzik and Kristina Egan | Mar 20, 2015 THIS WINTER’S MBTA debacle has focused attention – as it should – on how the T does business.  But it is important not to lose sight of why the T does business: to spark and support economic development, ensure equitable access to …

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