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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We would undo Pacheco Law at taxpayers’ peril

Sen. Marc R. Pacheco

Boston Globe – March 19, 2015 ALTHOUGH I agree with Scot Lehigh on many issues, I disagree with his repeated take on the Taxpayer Protection Act, or the “Pacheco Law” (“State should seize control of T,” Op-ed, March 13). Lehigh and others in the media say the law hinders privatization of state contracts or encumbers …

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Out-of-Control Transit Costs in Boston or Attack on Public Services?

An MBTA bus heads to Salem Depot through snowy conditions. (Photo: David Moisan)

ALEC affiliate Pioneer Institute is targeting both Massachusetts Sen. Marc Pacheco and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. They must be doing something right. Rumors that the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority’s bus costs are out of control have reached a fever pitch lately, thanks to claims by Greg Sullivan, current Pioneer Institute Research Director and former …

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