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MBTA launches campaign to protect T employees from assaults

Boston Globe | By Matt Rocheleau |  May 6, 2013 The MBTA is launching a new campaign to warn riders not to assault T employees. “Think twice before putting your hands on T staff. We will find you, arrest you and prosecute you,” Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan says in a recorded public service announcement that …

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T czar to introduce glass partitions to protect bus drivers

Boston Herald | Thursday, April 11, 2013 | By Richard Weir The T’s planned pilot program to install partitions in bus cabs to protect drivers from being assaulted by raging riders is getting mixed review from one veteran bus driver who told the Herald today he feels the glass cages could help some operators feel …

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Help us ID this person

Transit Police detectives are seeking to identify the female subject depicted in this video. If you know the identity or whereabouts of this individual please contact the Transit Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit at 617-222-1050. On Saturday March 9, 2013, at approximately 3:20pm, A bus operator was assaulted by a female suspect at Ashmont Station. The female suspect spat …

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