Local Leaders React to MBTA’s Proposed Cuts, Favor Upping Gas Tax

Photo of Massachusetts State House

By Jarret Bencks | Somerville Patch | January 20, 2012 While the MBTA has ideas to solve its funding crisis, the state legislature is likely to come up with its own. The MBTA Caucus of the state’s legislature—state representatives whose communities are served by

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The T is in trouble with a capital T

LOOKING AT the MBTA’s latest proposals to raise fares and severely cut service, I am reminded of the old joke about the complaining restaurant patron: “The food is terrible — and such small portions!’’ It’s an insult that fares must be raised, though the T’s $161 million deficit can’t be denied, and fares have held …

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“This Week in Business” Discusses MBTA Budget Woes

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