2021 Political Endorsements

Vote badgesBelow is a list of pro-union candidates Local 589 has endorsed. It will be updated as new endorsements are added. All members, retirees, and their families are encouraged to support these candidates in their upcoming elections. If you are unsure where to vote, click here. If you are not registered to vote, click here.


  • Ed Flynn, Boston City Council, District 2
  • Frank Baker, Boston City Council, District 3
  • Troy Smith, Boston City Council, District 4
  • Bridget Nee-Walsh, Boston City Council, At-Large
  • Erin Murphy, Boston City Council, At-Large
  • Jon Spillane, Boston City Council, At-Large
  • Michael Flaherty, Boston City Council, At-Large



  • Jamie Hodges, Brockton City Council, Ward 2
  • John Troxell, Brockton City Council, Ward 6



  • Frank Fantini, Cambridge School Committee
  • Paul Toner, Cambridge City Council



  • Calvin Brown, Chelsea City Council



  • Carlos DeMaria, Mayor, Everett
  • Anthony DiPierro, Everett City Council, Ward 3
  • Jason Marcus, Everett School Committee



  • Joseph Kelly, Hingham Board of Selectmen



  • John Drinkwater, Lowell City Council



  • Jarred Nicholson, Mayor, Lynn



  • Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Mayor, Medford
  • Kathy Kreatz, Medford School Committee



  • Noel DiBona, Quincy City Council



  • Fred Happel, Weymouth Town Council Weymouth


If you have any questions about any of these endorsements, please contact the union hall. If you are unsure where to vote, click here. If you are not registered to vote, click here.

In solidarity,

Executive Board
Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589

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    • Cheryl Hennebury on August 24, 2021 at 10:12 am

    Why should we be forced to shove a chemical into our bodies that is killing people. The cdc won’t give those numbers though. Who will pay my medical bills, ensure my family is provided for, etc…should something happen. We have worked everyday since this pandemic started with proper protocols, yet the passengers are not being forced to wear masks or get vaccinated. I feel this is a government over reach and an invasion to someone’s personal body. This union needs to step up and fight on behalf of its members. People should have a choice what to put in their body. Then there’s termination if you don’t get it??‽ makes no sense theres no light duty options. This vaccine has not been studied long enough. Thank you.

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