Statement: Boston Carmen’s Union Pickets, Shuts Down MBTA Money Room

The Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, facing a vote to privatize their work at the MBTA Money Room today, took a stand against the outsourcing of their work to a private company. Members of the Executive Board, joined by fellow MBTA Union leaders and members, formed a picket line at the Money Room in Charlestown, preventing Money Room workers and armored trucks from leaving the site.

“We never wanted it to come to this, we have tried for months to convince the MBTA to join us for constructive negotiations at the bargaining table. But under the leadership of Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve and Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack the MBTA has repeatedly used misleading or incomplete financial projections to pursue privatization of the MBTA’s Money Room at all costs,” said James O’Brien, President of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589. “Today, we’re taking action to stop an outsourcing attempt. Nothing about this process has been transparent – the numbers, the audits, or the decision-making. This leadership team was handed a blank check to privatize and they are doing whatever it takes to cash it. We cannot stand by while they privatize our public transportation system and turn the keys over to a private company seeking to profit from our riders’ fares and the public’s tax dollars.”

O’Brien also called for the full release of the audit that the MBTA says has proven the need for outsourcing. The audit, conducted by Shellie Crandall of 4Demand, was the source of  a baseless charge from Governor Baker that “someone cut sunroofs into two of the armored trucks used by the T to transport money.”

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    • jcmbta on October 6, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    I have no respect for the ATU .. have seen what they have not done over decades just a big wasteful organization.


    We the workers are the union not those lifetime appointed ATU executives
    the union members should be able to remove them with elections ..
    all the unions should work together to shut down the complete transit system
    across the country when union jobs are eliminated.

    they don’t mess with the police unions !

    • Dave Sullivan on October 6, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    YAY Eboard….it is about time when I heard the enws this (Thurs) afternoon news…MAKING REAL STATEMENTS!!!! Start shutting down services NYC did….It is NOT agin the law just the contract that management always disregard…..@ooops sorry we won’t do that again , till the next time anyway. They violate the law having us sign paperwork that we took the ethics test even though we did not. Oh all you are saying is you rec’s the paperwork……I made out a wrong signature just to get on my train and to get away from that smelly supe forget his name now but he reeked at 7am . Ethics? Pshaw mgnmnt has NONE just waiting for that retirement. i AMot there anymore because I stand up for myself and say it like it is TO ANYBODY. Ask the barn captains who were there for my interview or as I like to call them interrogations when the decision had already been made the day before. We gave up a whole lot under the previous administration this president is actually looking out for us instead of looking for future digs in DC……………..Give em hell jimmy I Always have been and will die a union man! regardless of the hosing I got.

    • T.D. on October 6, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Too little too late, a grandstanding move by the Executive Board Members of 589 to win back confidence in their poor leadership that has let Gov. Baker and Shortsleeve take our jobs.
    You clowns would be better networking as management does and unify transit workers across the nation to stand together like Europe does.
    Operating state to state your segregated and being pick apart slowly and methodically by management.
    First New York, Wisconsin, Boston when will you people wake up????
    Unify all transit workers like the Police and Fire Dept and become strong once more divided you’ll truly be conquered!
    Bakers is winning so far, wake up the ATU if there still there?

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