We’re Not Backing Down From This Fight!

Brothers and Sisters,

mbta-arrestsSeven members of the Executive Board were arrested this morning as they blocked the Money Room trucks from trying to leave.

President Jimmy O’Brien; Assistant Secretary Joe Cerbone; Allen Lee, Delegate, Division 1; Larry Kelly, Delegate, RTL/AFC; Patrick Hogan, Delegate, Division 3; Mike Keller, Delegate, Equipment Maintenance; and John Hunt, Delegate, Engineering Maintenance were arrested and taken to the MBTA Transit Police’s headquarters and will face charges of unlawful assembly. Vice President Peggy LaPaglia, Financial Secretary Jim Evers, and Recording Secretary John Clancy are at the ATU International Convention, or they would be facing charges this morning too.

We never wanted it to come to this, but we have tried for months to convince the MBTA to join us for constructive negotiations at the bargaining table. But under the leadership of Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve and Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack the MBTA has repeatedly used misleading or incomplete financial projections to pursue privatization of the MBTA’s Money Room at all costs.

Today, we took action to stop an outsourcing attempt. Nothing about this process has been transparent ―the numbers, the audits, or the decision-making. The MBTA leadership team was handed a blank check to privatize and they are doing whatever it takes to cash it. We cannot stand by while they privatize our public transportation system and turn the keys over to a private company seeking to profit from our riders’ fares and the public’s tax dollars.

The Boston Herald and many other news outlets were on hand to cover the protest. We’re sending a message to the public that privatization is wrong for Massachusetts

Today, Brian Shortsleeve expects the Fiscal and Management Control Board to vote to approve BRINKS to take over the Money Room. We crashed his press conference yesterday to fight back for our members―take a look at the coverage from WGBH,The Boston Globe, and CommonWealth Magazine.

We’re not backing down from this fight.

In Solidarity,

The Executive Board
Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589

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    • Steve on October 7, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Thank you guys! I hope the rest of the T unions are watching and prepared to join. We need the inspectors, mechanics, and other unions join the party. We are stronger together. Can you imagine if all the different unions show the balls that all 7 of our leaders did. The better question is when will we all walk out, call in sick, slow down or all of the above? Where the hell is the ATU? The U must stand for useless!

    • Concerned on October 7, 2016 at 11:05 am

    It’s time for ALL of our brothers and sisters to follow the lead and take a stand. It pains me to even say this but I feel we all need to slow this system down to a crawl and possibly wall off the job completely. For everyone that says we want the public on our sides, wake the F up because they are believing the nonsense this Govenor and little puppet Shortsleeve is selling them. Don’t wait until it’s too late and we lose the upper hand. Remember they need us as much as we need them . It’s time to remind them ! New York did it and look how that turned out.

    • Hey now on October 6, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    Thanks guys for standing up for 589

    • Earl on October 6, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    No privatetation for the money room or any part of the MBTA.I’am very impressed with the guys who took a stand.Back in the 60’s I had to take a stand for what was right.

    • jcmbta on October 6, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    when it comes to politicians and the handling of state services most all of them use this to line their pockets with cash and also they do lie on the cost reductions with private companies taking over.

    just look at how corrupt the government is now … These type attacks on workers is never going to end . the union in the past ignored poor management decisions. now the workers get the axe for all the government spending waste on purchasing defective equipment with no real warranty protections.

    with the snow shutdown due to Patrick and his poorly educated general manager handling of that winter it did show how the union did not speak up when upper management dumped all the snow removal equipment.

    the fare collection system is like a 100 years old. time to get rid of vehicles with fare boxes that would save a lot of operating costs.

    riders should have cards that can be used to ride the system by adding funds to the account like the easy pass system.

    costs too much to handle cash . wasteful ..

    soon we will have no heath insurance .. we will have to pay 100 %

    how can that happen ? yes the union did not fight for that long time bargaining right. Baker saw that as a weakness of 589 ..

    so why not go on the attack , with what happened to him and weld back in the old days ..

    it is payback time.

    • Tom howland on October 6, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    There has been lot of lies about the operators and things in the money room these lies have to stop the union has to defended us now take out an ad in the paper

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