Today is Election Day in Boston!

I'm voting for Marty.Today (9/24) is ELECTION DAY in the City of Boston and polls are open from 7am-8pm.

Make sure you pull the lever for Local 589’s-endorsed candidate Marty Walsh because a vote for Marty is a vote for working families. 

With unemployment still high and the disparity between rich and poor getting greater and greater, Boston needs someone who is going to focus on the plight of working families.

Marty Walsh is that candidate. He has been standing up for working families all of his life as a union leader because he knows that organized labor is the best path to a solid middle class and that collective bargaining helps advance the shared prosperity we need in our city.

The few who are at the top – the 1% – are probably scared of a guy like Marty because he represents a threat to the status quo, which is they get all the gains and leave nothing for the workers.

The unfairness must end and the battle must be fought at every polling place. This is your day to stand up for working families everywhere by pulling a lever for Marty Walsh. 

Click here if you are not sure where to vote.


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