Marty Topped the Ticket!

marty_walsh_call_to_actionTonight, Local 589’s-endorsed candidate, Marty Walsh, topped the ticket!

At his election celebration, Marty asked are you ready?

We sure are Marty because Boston needs a leader like you.

One that understands the plight of working families – and will fight for them.

Over the next six weeks Marty is going to need our help. The good news is, the choice could not be clearer and a victory for Marty is a victory for working people everywhere.

Contact Mark Flaherty today at (617) 899-9627 or to volunteer some of your time to ensure a victory for Marty Walsh on Nov. 5th.

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  1. Of course Rosemarie! That is why this information was sent to you – and all our members and retirees – via letter, e-mail, website, and social media.

  2. Please keep us up to date on the appeal,I am sure that is what is most important to a lot of members.

  3. We have just received word from our attorneys that the MBTA has sued in Suffolk Superior Court to set aside the award of Arbitrator Sarah Kerr Garraty. Click here read more.

    • j dimare on September 26, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Thats nice…how about a update on the contract appeal? Membership doesnt cares about how marty did.alot of us dont live in biston.

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