Statement by President John Lee

ATU logoEarlier this month a regular internal audit uncovered irregularities in the Union’s treasury.  The positive news for MBTA riders and taxpayers is that this exclusively involved Union funds – no MBTA funds and no taxpayer money was involved in any manner.

Immediately upon being informed by our auditor of problems, the Union contacted the proper authorities including our International Union as directed by our bylaws and constitution.  The Union took all necessary and required steps to address the internal financial situation and that internal situation has been resolved.

At meetings this morning and this evening, the Union provided full details of this internal matter to our membership.  Because no MBTA and no taxpayer funds were involved, this remains a private and internal matter that has been addressed and rectified.

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    • Dina on December 17, 2015 at 8:50 am

    You’re probably right Randolph about late night svicree needing to use buses. I’m OK with that. If the maintenance schedule absolutely prevents them from running one more set of trains, then buses will suffice.Though, I too wonder if they really need to perform maintenance every night. If so, then so be it.You’re right Greg that the T does maintenance work at night. Hence why I suggested that they shut down the trains a little earlier to give them the same amount of time to do maintenance, but as Randolph pointed out they start work an hour after the trains stop running and stop work an hour before so a tiered maintenance schedule probably wouldn’t work out buses are a viable alternative however (and probably cheaper).

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