MBTA Service Could Face Washington Threat

SouthEnd Patch | By Matt M. Casey | February 16, 2012

While local groups argue with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority about potential reductions to bus and ferry service, a proposal in Washington could worsen conditions for T riders.

A Salon.com opinion piece reported this week that House Republicans have proposed a transportation bill that would eliminate the Mass Transit Account from the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

Such a change could sharply impact the MBTA.

“The House transportation bill represents a giant step in the wrong direction for transit systems all over the country,” said Rep. Mike Capuano. “The dedicated funding stream for mass transit projects, which has been in place for decades, is being eliminated. This will mean less money for public transit projects everywhere. I won’t vote for this bill and I will continue doing everything I can to fight for transit funding.”

Congress will not vote on the measure this week. House speaker John Boehner reportedly told Republicans this week that he will delay voting on the bill until after next week’s congressional recess.

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