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MBTA Union And Baker’s T Managers Agree On At Least One Thing: Leave Policy Is A Mess

MBTA absenteeism effects everything from repairs to street-level service. The fact that the governor's team and the union have at least agreed on the broad contours of the problem is a vital step toward solving it. Credit Ibby Caputo / WGBH

WGBH | By Mike Deehan | January 8, 2016 One of the many problems the MBTA is trying to solve is the misuse and mismanagement of a critical leave program that’s lead to rampant cost overruns for the agency. Absenteeism among MBTA workers was one of the factors T managers cited to explain last winter’s …

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MBTA Looking To Privatize Bus Routes, Increase Service

State House News Service | By Andy Metzger | August 20, 2015 The MBTA plans to test the appetite among private bus companies to provide service on all of the express bus routes, the lesser-traveled routes in Boston and the suburbs and late night service. All 93 buses and their 65 drivers that would be …

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Recap of Last Night’s Union Meeting (8/18/15)

Dear brothers and sisters, As you may have heard, last night’s regular meeting of the membership was standing room only (click here to see more photos). President O’Brien went over the recent legislative and privatization update, and then informed the membership of a meeting with the new MBTA chief administrator, Brian Shortsleeve, who is a …

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