MBTA bus slams into Roxbury building; five suffer minor injuries, officials say

By Globe Staff | April 11, 2011 The driver of an MBTA bus lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a building when he was assaulted by passengers, an outbreak of violence that began when the driver asked a passenger to put out a cigarette, officials said this afternoon. Five people were transported to …

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2011 is the year the ATU fights back with COPE-PLUS!

The transit cuts keep coming.  The layoffs are endless.  Fare increase push customers away.  Not long ago, a transit worker had a good middle class job for life.  Those days are over.  Will the crisis ever end? Only if we fight back, and THAT TIME IS NOW!  This year, ATU is launching a new program …

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RALLY: Fight for a Fair Economy

Mobilize to Restore the American Dream and a Fair Economy for Working Families Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 4 pm Location: 125 High Street, Financial District in Boston, (High St @ Oliver St) * Big bank executives, CEO fat cats, and the super-wealthy have been enjoying tax breaks, rising profits, government subsidies, and golden parachute …

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