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MBTA Honors Bus Driver Volunteers for Fire Fighter Funeral Work

Local 589 member Paul Frazier receiving an award from the MBTA and with a representative form the Boston Fire Department.

On March 2, 2012 the MBTA held a special ceremony in the Charlestown Garage to honor Bus Drivers who volunteered to provide service during the funerals for Worcester and Peabody Fire Fighters killed in the line of duty.

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Mass. AFL-CIO “State of the Union” Conference

Photo of Boston Carmen's Union Local 589 Executive Board with Congressman Michael Capuano who serves on the Congressional Transportation Committee.

The Executive Board of Local 589 attended the recent Massachusetts AFL-CIO “State of the Union” Conference. This 3-day intensive planning and information session included elected officials, panels on political and

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A lifetime on the T: Arlington’s Connolly marks 40 years at job

By Jim Haddadin / Arlington Advocate Posted Nov 10, 2011 @ 04:44 PM Arlington — Tom Connolly has a firm belief about how his lifelong passion for mass transit developed. “I’ve come to the conclusion, at this stage of my life, that there’s a gene for these things,” Connolly said, “that you don’t actually …

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