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Republican Transportation Cuts Are Job Killers

This is cross-post from the National Journal’s Transportation blog by AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department (TTD) President Edward C. Wytkind. It is ironic that the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC’s) proposal to slash vital transportation investments was unveiled on the very day that we learned that Americans spend as many as 70 hours—or nearly three solid days—a …

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Random act of hospitali-T

By Richard Weir / Boston Herald T workers often get a bad rap for all sorts of sins. But for every rude remark or apathetic response some might utter, there are countless acts of unexpected kindness carried out by the men and women of the MBTA each day. People such as T bus driver Ricardo Miranda.

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Man ordered to stay away from T driver

By Travis Andersen – Boston Globe Staff A Somerville man has been ordered to stay away from an MBTA bus driver he allegedly assaulted because of her race in July, under a civil rights injunction obtained by the office of Attorney General Martha Coakley, her office announced today.

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