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T Roadeo shows off wild side of drivers

By Richard Weir | Saturday, October 15, 2011 | | Local Coverage Willis Rose floored the gas pedal of the 36,000-pound MBTA bus and then slammed on its air brakes, coming to a screeching halt before a tough crowd watching his every move.

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MBTA workers hope pay-to-ride plan jumps track

Lowell Sun | By Katie Lannan, Sun Statehouse Correspondent | 09/23/2011 BOSTON — MBTA workers are blasting a proposal that would force them to pay to ride the system’s buses and subways.

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The Unsung Heroes of the MBTA

Boston Magazines’s Boston Daily | BY Steve Poftak POSTED ON 9/23/2011 It’s bloodsport in these parts to complain about the MBTA. But the latest MBTA scorecard makes one thing clear — the operations staff is doing a close to miraculous job keeping the system running in the face of massive deferred maintenance and dwindling equipment …

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