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Attention: Local 589 Active Employees Only

Group Insurance Benefit Deductions Begin Pay Period Ending 7/4/14. The Group Insurance Commission requires 1 month’s advance payment on all benefit plans (excluding the Flexible Spending Accounts). This results in a double deduction taken for the following payroll end dates: 7/4/14 7/11/14 7/18/14 7/25/14

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GIC Open Enrollment Calendar

The MBTA is targeting July 1, 2014 as the transfer date to the GIC. See the open enrollment calendar on the right hand side of the screen for the GIC. Please know this is only if you want to make changes to your health care. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Update to the Contract Arbitration/Court Case

Good Morning 589 Members: We wanted to provide you with an update to the Contract Arbitration/Court Case. We had a meeting this morning with General Manager Scott, General Counsel Scott Reed, the Director of Labor Relations Kim Poirier, the COO Sean McCarthy, and Deputy Secretary Perez. As a result of that meeting, we have been …

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