All MBTA Bus Drivers to Gain Option for Full-Time Work Under New Agreement

May 25, 2023, 3:00 PM EST

Contact on behalf of Carmen’s Local 589 (ATU):
Christine Lamitina, 617-599-9370,

All MBTA bus drivers to gain option for full-time work under new agreement reached between MBTA and Carmen’s Local 589 (ATU)

Union hails agreement as one that will benefit riders, community, and will improve worker retention

BOSTON, MA – All current MBTA bus drivers and new hires will begin receiving the option to convert to full-time status with the MBTA under an agreement announced today.

The new agreement achieved with current MBTA management will not require drivers to convert to full-time but will facilitate them having that option and will create full-time opportunities for new drivers. Both parties agreed that this was an essential step to improve employee retention and attract new employees.

“This latest agreement to give bus drivers the option for full-time work is a very important step in the right direction toward improving working conditions and retention of frontline employees at the MBTA.” said Jim Evers, President of Carmen’s Local 589. “We applaud the new General Manager and the Healey administration for working with us to make this change that will contribute to their larger efforts to improve service availability and to retain a workforce. It’s a great way to get more workers in the door, and it does reflect a new approach from a new administration that is showing it values frontline workers and the interests of riders.”

More details on the agreement will be forthcoming to both prospective MBTA employees and Local 589 members. The agreement was initially announced at an MBTA board meeting on Thursday, May 25, 2023.


The Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589, is the voice of over 6,000 MBTA Union transit professionals and is a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), which is the largest labor organization representing over 180,000 transit professionals in the United States and Canada. These transit professionals are comprised of bus, van, subway, and light rail operators, clerks, baggage handlers, and maintenance employees in urban transit, over-the-road, and school bus industries, as well as emergency medical service personnel, ambulance operators, clerical personnel, and municipal workers.

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