Derailment Avoided Thanks to Quick-Thinking Operators

This past Sunday, streetcar motorperson Rhea DeSilva noticed something unusual about the tracks at Packard’s Corner as she made her way westbound towards BC.

She attempted to get a hold of her dispatcher, but noticed an oncoming train on the eastbound track. Fearing the worst, she flagged down the other train and informed its operator of a potential defect in the rails ahead.

After talking to Ms. DeSilva, fellow motorperson Jarvis Holloman-Slash slowly pulled forward and saw a break in the rail. He stopped and called it in so that maintenance crews could respond quickly.

Thanks to the keen eyes of operator DeSilva and her teamwork with operator Holloman-Slash, they prevented what could have been a major derailment.

Transit workers are constantly looking out for the safety of the riding public and their colleagues. The E-Board of Local 589 could not be more proud of these operators. Job well done!

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