MBTA Payroll Error

Good Morning Everyone,

Earlier this month, the union was notified about a payroll error made by the MBTA.

While the retro checks issued to you on April 1st were supposed to be based on the period of 7/1/21 to 1/15/22, the MBTA added hours worked in late January and February to their calculations.

This, in turn, would mean that all members were overpaid for the retros.

Legally, the T has a right to try and take this money back. But this union, and our board, has every intention to make the T prove their calculations before they take any action.

We have also filed a grievance to fight back against them taking any money from you. We are working with our legal team to fight this.

If anyone has any questions about this, please contact the union hall at 617-542-8212 or your delegate.

In solidarity,

Executive Board

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  1. Hi Ray, please contact your delegate. Thanks, Local 589 Webmaster

    • Ray McD on April 28, 2022 at 1:14 am

    Can we have an investigation into payroll for there are far too many mistakes such as many of us did not get holiday pay for Patriots Day, it was in the system but we were not paid. Also UPMC Workpartners is a disgrace and should also be investigated. They constantly claim to not receive emails and paperwork from many employees, this either international or they are incompetent or possibly both. We are constantly scrutinized with threats of up to and including discharge for our jobs but all these payroll mistakes and UPMC Workpartners issues only impact us workers but nothing is done about it and they are never held accountable.

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