Celebrating Women’s History Month

Photos of women of Local 589.Carmen’s Local 589 is proud to promote the diversity of our workforce year-round, but this month, we’d like to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of our union sisters especially. Just like Rosie the Riveter, the women of Carmen’s Local 589 step up and get the job done when duty calls, and we’re proud to support them.

Our sisters are essential in keeping our public transportation safe, efficient, and reliable. Our community members are grateful for our work every day to provide excellent service and get them to their homes, jobs, and appointments safely and on time. We’d also like to take this time to recognize not just our female operators, but the administrators, customer service agents, maintenance repairwoman, and more that keep the T running in more ways than one. All of your contributions help make Boston a little brighter.

Not only do the women of Carmen’s bring an unparalleled commitment to their work, but also many of our female members pull “double-duty” to raise their families after their shift ends. We have young ladies having children — one at this very moment carrying twins. Our sisters break boundaries, challenge expectations, and rise the ranks to bring new perspectives to union leadership.

The women of Local 589 take on the leadership roles not just in our union but in management, too. Working at the MBTA, these women pay their dues in more ways than one, putting blood, sweat, and tears into their work to put food on the table for their families.

We thank all of the women in transit who keep Boston moving!

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