Fully Electric Bus Fleet to be in Quincy

Last week the MBTA held the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Quincy bus maintenance facility, scheduled to be completed in 2024.

With the ability to house 120 buses, this new facility will be the first entirely electric bus fleet, part of the MBTA’s initiative to replace vehicles with clean, zero-emission buses. This is just one of the first steps towards a more sustainable future for the MBTA and Carmen’s Local 589.

This new facility —and many more like it— are made possible in part by the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Bill, which provides much-needed investment in public transit. Not only does this law introduce funds to replace worn public transportation, but it also supports the upgrade to clean, zero-emission buses. Over the next five years, the MBTA is expected to receive $2.2 billion in federal infrastructure investments to continue these projects.

While taking the T is already a greener choice for our community members, these new electric bus fleets will provide us with the cutting edge of green technology. Thanks to these new investments, we can provide safer, more efficient service well into the future.

We look forward to seeing new MBTA projects that will promote sustainability and reliability for years to come.

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