Local 589 Endorses Maura Healey for Governor

As the 2022 gubernatorial race heats up, Local 589 is proud to endorse Attorney General Maura Healey for Governor of Massachusetts! Healey has served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for over 15 years, beginning as chief of the Civil Rights Division in the Attorney General’s office, and later winning her underdog bid for Attorney General in 2014. As a champion for working families, she has tackled every kind of injustice, from systemic racism in the workplace to marriage inequality.

Healey plans to continue that track record in the top office, with her top goal being to take on Massachusetts’ growing wealth inequality. Massachusetts has been named one of the most unequal states in the country, despite our strides in public education and access to healthcare. For a vast majority of residents, wages have not kept up with soaring rent prices, and the high cost of living has taken a toll. Healey also understands that high-quality, affordable public transit is essential for addressing wealth inequality. We can count on her to invest in a robust public transit system for the Commonwealth.

That’s why Carmen’s Local 589 is proud to stand with Maura Healey for Governor of Massachusetts. Stay tuned for more information on her campaign platform and volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks and months!

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