Thank You For a Great 2021!

2021 hasn’t been the easiest year for Carmen’s members, but it has been one of our proudest.
In the face of a global pandemic, we led the fight to keep transit affordable and accessible to all, fighting back cuts to essential transit service and keeping our jobs and our schedules in a time of uncertainty.

This year alone, we as a union:

  • Helped save the 18, 52, 55, and 68 buses from termination, so thousands of Boston residents can get to work each day
  • Secured pandemic pay for our members so your dedication and sacrifice would not go unrecognized
  • Secured labor and rider seats on the Governor’s MBTA Control Board so workers and riders have a say and a vote on the future of Boston public transit — for the first time ever.
Nationally, we also won historic federal investment in our nation’s public transit infrastructure, so we can continue to keep Massachusetts moving for decades to come.

Click here to watch our latest video message to see all we’ve accomplished together this year.

Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice this year. We’re proud of all we’ve managed to accomplish in the face of adversity, and we look forward to accomplishing more in the new year!

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