President Jim Evers At Signing of Historic Infrastructure Bill

President Jim Evers At Signing of Historic Infrastructure BillAfter years of gridlock, the nation has finally greenlit the once-in-a-generation Infrastructure Framework package, investing $1.2 trillion into our roads, bridges, and transportation systems. Local 589 President Jim Evers was recently honored with an invitation to Washington D.C. to witness President Biden sign this historic bill into law.

“It was a tremendous honor to represent Boston’s public transportation workers at this historic event,” Evers said. “Leaders from many industries and across political parties came together to celebrate building a better America for our children and grandchildren.”

The final package provides critical support for our nation’s transit systems, including:

  • $39 billion in additional transit funding to modernize our public transit system.
  • $89.9 billion in guaranteed funding for public transit over the next five years — the largest federal investment in public transit in history.
  • Addressing the epidemic of violent assaults on transit workers has plagued our country’s transit systems by including language from the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act.

This law will also expand public transit options across every state in the country, replacing thousands of aging transit vehicles, including buses, with clean, zero-emission vehicles and improving accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The event also highlighted labor’s role in pushing this legislation to the finish line, thanking workers for doing their part to urge Congress to reach an agreement. Department of Labor Secretary and former mayor of Boston Marty Walsh was among the notable attendees.

We’re excited to see Local 589 on the national stage, and we look forward to America’s revitalized infrastructure system!

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