Bus Service Returns!

Dear Bothers & Sisters,

Route 18 BusWe are proud to announce victory! Beginning next rating, the MBTA will be returning bus service to the 18 and 55 bus routes out of Cabot, the 52 bus route out of the Arborway, and the 68 bus route out of Bennett. Lynn operators will also pick up an extended version of route 435 to cover the work on the suspended route 465.

Thanks to the hard work of our union, supportive allies in the community, and the dogged determination of the Massachusetts congressional delegation, we have been able to secure federal assistance that will ensure an end to the austerity schedules imposed on the T this spring.

Today the Executive Board of Local 589 met with the MBTA to discuss the schedules for the upcoming summer rating. Due to the strength of the union contract, management must meet with us twice a month.

As your elected officers, we always strive to give feedback, aiming to create the best possible working conditions for our membership. Today’s meeting was essential and full of specifics on the changes happening soon.

In addition to the returning bus service mentioned, run times and headways will be adjusted on many bus routes, with an emphasis on the afternoon and school trip hours.

Subway service on the Red, Orange and Blue Lines will return to a modified version of the winter 2020 headways.

Green Line service will be adjusted to match the timetables expected for the opening of the Green Line Extension this fall.

This board is committed to securing and protecting the jobs, opportunities, and benefits for every single member. As we round the corner on this pandemic, we will continue fighting for you.

In solidarity,

Executive Board
Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589

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