Call Gov. Baker + Lieutenant Gov. Polito to do right by our state’s public transit system

Dear Members and Allies, 

Getting by is harder than ever during the pandemic — and so is getting around. Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito are making it harder. They have supported moves to slash the MBTA, and even vetoed a bill that would have helped low-income people afford to ride transit.   

Stand with us to support public transitand demand a rollback of the MBTA cuts, and a new low income fare program, so  we can all get to work, to school, and to essential medical appointments. 

Visit our website to call Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and demand that they do the right thing to safeguard our public transportation system — and the people who rely on it the most. 

Click here to call now!

Visit to learn more and get involved. 

In Solidarity, Jim Evers
ATU Local 589 

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    • jcmbta on February 23, 2021 at 10:23 am

    The vaccine of the CCP is not a good amount of Massachusetts, has the highest death rates and we have no vaccines on teachers/transit employees.
    baker did lie all the time how he did a great job on the vaccine locations and had huge amounts. when we all get our CCP vaccine shots schools and transit will be back to normal ..
    the MBTA has to update and improve the air quality in the subway systems .
    subway lines has to be changed for cleaner air and faster service ..prior to this CCP virus … on transit employees comment
    I got my CCP vaccine at the VA .. perfect CCP vaccine set up , got it in 30min…

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