Spring Pick Money + Raise

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been great seeing many of you at our e-board visits around the system. As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts, questions, and concerns with me and the other members of the executive board. Two issues that I have received many questions about are the spring pick money we negotiated and the raise.

With regard to the concerns bus operators have raised regarding money owed to them from the spring 2020 pick, the emergency schedules implemented due to COVID-19 resulted in a lower rate of pay for many operators. This was most especially true for those with trippers. We fought for this offset because we are entitled to the extra pay for coming to work during this epidemic. I am happy to report this pay will be reflected in your Dec. 11 paycheck. It has been a battle to get everyone paid on time due to logistical issues with the MBTA’s payroll system, but everyone that is owed money should receive it on Dec. 11.

As for the raise, since they cannot make adjustments mid payroll and we get paid every two weeks, you will see it in the Dec. 24 pay period and it will be retroactive.

In closing, thank you for your continued hard work to keep Massachusetts moving during these difficult and unprecedented times. If you have any questions, please talk to either your delegate or a member of the executive board.

In Solidarity

Jim Evers, President
Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589

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