2020 Political Endorsements

Below are the candidates Local 589 has endorsed for the state general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. All members, retirees, and their families are encouraged to support Local 589’s endorsed candidates. Click here if you are unsure where to vote.

President/Vice President:

  • Joe Biden/Kamala Harris

United States Senate:

  • Ed Markey

Massachusetts Senate:

  • Anne Gobi, Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex
  • James Eldridge, Middlesex & Worcester
  • John Cronin, Worchester & Middlesex
  • John Keenan, Norfolk & Plymouth
  • John Velis, 2nd Hampden and Hampshire
  • Patrick O’Connor, Plymouth and Norfolk
  • Rebecca Rausch, Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex
  • Susan Moran, Plymouth & Barnstable

Massachusetts House:

  • Bud Williams, 11th Hampden
  • Carmen Gentile, 13th Middlesex
  • Carol Doherty, 3rd Bristol
  • Dan Sena, 37th Middlesex
  • Danielle Gregoire, 4th Middlesex
  • David Robertson, 19th Middlesex
  • Emmanuel Dockter, 5th Plymouth
  • Jake Oliveira, 7th Hampden
  • James Murphy, 4th Norfolk
  • Jerry Parisella, 6th Plymouth
  • Joan Meschino, 3rd Plymouth
  • Jon Ziotnik, 2nd Worcester
  • Josh Cutler, 6th Plymouth
  • Kathy LaNatra, 12th Plymouth
  • Kipp Diggs, 2nd Barnstable
  • Mark Cusack, 5th Norfolk
  • Meg Kilcoyne, 12th Worcester
  • Mike Day, 31st Middlesex
  • Orlando Ramos, 9th Hampden
  • Patrick Kearney, 4th Plymouth
  • Paul Schmid, 8th Bristol
  • Ron Mariano, 3rd Norfolk
  • Tom Stanley, 9th Middlesex
  • Tram Nguyen, 18th Essex

Norfolk County Sheriff:

  • Patrick McDermott

Plymouth County Commissioner:

  • Greg Hanley

If you have any questions about any of these endorsements, please contact the union hall

In solidarity,

John A. Clancy
Recording Secretary
ATU Local 589

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