Green Line Operators Help Lost Boy

Last Monday (6/29), Green Line Motorman Richard Flynn and Conductor David Woodbury came upon a lost 4-year old boy while pulling into MBTA-Newton Center Station.

Apparently the boy, who lived locally, had made his way to the station unaccompanied because he loves trains and wanted to see them.

After pulling into the station and securing their cars, they saw the boy enter the track area. If not for their keen awareness and quick action, the boy could have been seriously injured.

While waiting for the police and the boy’s mother to arrive, Conductor Woodbury sat with the child and talked with him about his love of trains.

We are beyond proud of the heroic work performed by Rich and Dave and think that they are incredible examples of the top notch professionalism and big hearts exhibited by our members.

*Special shout out to brother Patrick Cullen for letting us know about this story and for taking the pictures above.

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