Kindness Begets Kindness

We get a lot of positive tweets on Twitter. Below is one from a nice lady on Facebook. Just another example of the many acts of kindness the men and women of Local 589 carry out each and every day on the MBTA. Hats off to our union brother for his act of kindness and to Laura Cawley for shining a spotlight on it for all to see. #KindnessBegetsKindness #589Pride


Today I witnessed an MBTA bus driver the size of a mountain )with a smile to match) get out of his bus, politely wave to traffic, walk across Centre street in West Roxbury to escort a blind gentleman across the street and onto his bus. Traffic was happy to stop and we were all blessed to witness this take place. I never think to take photos and when I finally grabbed my phone to take the picture it was too late. It really had an effect on me so much so that I proceeded to stalk and follow him to The stop Baker/Vermont.

Funny, when I walked up to the bus and waved him to door he looked a bit apprehensive. I said, “Hi I’ve been following you !”, and he said , with that ginormous smile, “Oh yes I know”. Bus driver Joe Cahill with a smile so big and bright it could knock the moon out of the sky was as much of a gentle-man as I figured he would be. Very polite and gracious and a great sense of humor!! More importantly not too busy to go above and beyond for someone else!!!

Thank you bus driver Joe for reminding me that kind gestures and taking 5 minutes for another, can have a positive effect on everyone!!! Even the MBTA! They are very lucky to have an employee like you and West Roxbury Is lucky to have you behind the wheel of bus #1684 on the 37 Vermont Route❤️. Does anyone know this guy?

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