Unfortunate Incident on Green Line

Good Afternoon 589 Family, 

As all of you know, an unfortunate incident took place on the Green Line yesterday. First, please keep the operator and all passengers involved in your thoughts and prayers. Before we jump to any conclusions, please understand that the incident is under investigation. 

In the meantime, it’s imperative that all operating personnel exercise extreme patience and caution while operating an MBTA vehicle. The job that every Local 589 member does daily is extremely difficult and has a high level of stress. We must ensure that we remain safe and alert at all times because our safety and the safety of our passengers is of the highest priority. With that said, please use your 10-minute pre-trip/circle check to ensure everything is working properly. 

Although your efforts may seem to go unnoticed, be unappreciated, or viewed as insignificant — know that every member of our local is greatly appreciated and does an amazing job of keeping Massachusetts moving. I stress that we must maintain a safe working environment and follow all rules/regulations pertaining to the Authority. If you’re unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance. Don’t wait till it’s to late!

In Solidarity,

Marcus Taylor, Assistant Secretary 
Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589

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