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Good Evening Brother’s and Sister’s,

Thank you for your outpouring of support for UFCW Local 1445. In addition to efforts we’ve already asked you to take, we ask you to take one more step by sending an email to Stop & Shop’s Executive Vice President of Merchandising Mark Messier. He needs to hear your voice. His email address is: Please copy and paste this email below and send it ASAP!


Dear Mark Messier,

With all due respect, I shop at Stop&Shop because of the high quality customer service. I’m concerned your current demands in negotiations will result in longer lines and less customer service at my neighborhood store. I don’t want more Marty’s, I want more dedicated full-time employees who are happy at work. It’s imperative that you listen to your workers and your customers. They want reasonable things like no cuts to healthcare, retirement, and take-home pay. Thank you for listening to me and all the other customers who refuse to cross a picket line until this strike is resolved. Do right by your staff so I can come back to your stores!

Your Customer,

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