O’Brien Sets Record Straight on Overtime

James O'Brien

In a recent article in the Boston Globe (MBTA overtime spending spiked last year), President Jimmy O’Brien set the record straight that the surge in overtime is do to understaffing. Below is his quote from the article.

Well, there’s the same amount of work to be done to run and maintain the buses and the trains, but there are hundreds of fewer workers than there were three years ago. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the MBTA is surprised that having fewer people to do the same amount of work means each person has to work more hours. They need to hire more employees. It is really that simple.”

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    • jcmbta on January 28, 2019 at 11:07 am

    The repair facilities do have limited amounts of repair equipment and area to setup repair work. also part availability .. in the past we did have more repair techs, because of the weather conditions creating a huge amounts of work . also management did purchase high failure rate vehicles.
    overtime increases are common when huge amounts of new vehicles arrive . lack of space to do repairs……………. training is part of the tech availability loss .. new vehicles have issues , sure does cause more overtime ..

    fewer workers less cost for MBTA .. techs can make more with the overtime payoff all the debt , then retire at an early age.
    I hope the new vehicles will be more reliable … if not will need more repair techs and more space to do the work..

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