Exhibit Features MBTA Employees at the Annual Bus & Rail Rodeos

This Friday at 11 a.m. at the State Transportation Building, the MBTA is kicking off a photo art exhibit featuring employees at the annual bus and rail rodeos (see attached flyer).

The exhibit highlights the rewards and challenges faced by our bus and rail operators. The images convey the pride, excitement and teamwork that the competitors brought to the competition, along with their sense of comradery, family fun, and skill.

The following members are included in the exhibit and are strongly encouraged to attend―along with all our members and retirees:

Rail Ops, OCC, Training and Maintenance:

  • Wondowsen Amare, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Herly Augustin, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Jean Augustin, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Luis Calderon, Light Rail Motorperson
  • James Constantino, Light Rail Maintenance Repairer
  • Carl Dhaiti, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Adelene DosSantos, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Michael Fahey, Heavy Rail Maintenance Instructor
  • Vinicius (Vinny) Falconi, Heavy Rail Instructor
  • Bereket Gebreyohannes, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Joseph (Joe) Glenon, Light Rail Maintenance Repairer
  • Richard (Richie) Gonzalez, Light Rail Maintenance Instructor
  • John Graveson, Rail Vehicle Maintenance Instructor
  • Peter (Pete) Heywood, Light Rail Maintenance Repairer
  • Caron Kindell, Heavy Rail Motorperson
  • Keith King, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Ivan Komenov, Light Rail Maintenance Repairer
  • Roberta Lee, Maintenance Roving Stock Person
  • Doug MacElhiney, Rail Maintenance Instructor
  • Pasquale Puleo, Light Rail Instructor
  • Jayson Resto, Light Rail Instructor
  • Marc Romain, Deputy Division Chief, OCC
  • Paul Rosselle, Superintendent of Equipment
  • Andre Santos, Heavy Rail Instructor
  • David (Dave) Soto, Heavy Rail Instructor
  • Abiyou Temesgen, Light Rail Motorperson
  • Tony Whitley, Heavy Rail Instructor
  • Salvatore (Sal) Zarro, Light Rail Maintenance Repairer


Bus Ops, Training:

  • William (Billy) Cameron, Superintendent of Training – Bus
  • Edson Cardoso, Bus Operator
  • Robert Chaffee, Bus Operator
  • Thaddeus Cieniewicz (T.C.), Bus Instructor
  • Justin Grizey, Bus Instructor
  • Job Dieujuste, Bus Operator
  • Patrick (Pat) Kenney, Bus Instructor
  • Lorraine Landsburg, Bus Instructor
  • Robert MacKenzie, Bus Operator
  • Ronald (Ronnie) Neff, Bus Instructor
  • Tyrell Sullivan, Bus Instructor
  • Marcus Washington, Bus Instructor


Retirees (All):

  • Dennis King, retired Heavy Rail Instructor
  • Leo LaRoche, retired Car House Foreman
  • Junior Molina, retired Heavy Rail Maintenance Instructor
  • John Murray, retired Vehicle Engineering Superintendent
  • Jay Orlando, retired Bus Instructor
  • Richard (Richie) Pascucci, retired Heavy Rail Instructor
  • Bill Patten, retired Repairer
  • Kevin Vautour, retired Bus Instructor



  • Holly Durso, Director of Transportation Safety
  • Charles (Charlie) Murphy, Deputy Director of Transportation Safety

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