Thank you for your service!

Welcome back Green line operator Simone Hill who recently returned from a 2-year military leave serving our country in the United States Air Force. Her leave included a 1-year tour in Iraq and 1 year stationed at Otis Air Force Base. She is a 10-year 589 member and 14-year Air Force veteran.

She will be participating in the MBTA’s upcoming advertising campaign and has a positive message she would like to convey to her fellow union brothers and sisters. Through her military and life experience, she firmly believes in the power of unity and positively uplifting each other with praise. She has been in real positions of having to rely on the person next to her for survival and can teach us all about the true meaning of solidarity. Tearing down one another has no place toward the common goal we all share of protecting our good jobs―a job that Simone loves and takes great pride in.

If you see Simone (she is not on social media), thank her for her service and for being willing to share her inspiring story for the betterment of our union.

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  1. Please call the union hall and we would be glad to assist you. Thanks, Local 589 Webmaster

    • Bill Russell on December 23, 2017 at 10:41 am

    I am looking for a relative who was probably a member of your union.

    George L. Rowell, b. 1862 , was 50 years old in 1912 when the union was formed. He was originally a blacksmith but later, built trolly cars in Boston.

    Is there any one I can contact to search old member records. ?…..thanks
    Bill Russell
    Seafarers International Union

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