MBTA Must Fix Service, Not Play Games with Workers’ Social Security

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    • Theresa kerrigan on June 30, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I am thankful to MA Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford for publicly speaking out against the wrongful actions of Governor Baker. I concur with Mr. Bickford’s statements. Governor Baker needs to fix management, fix the system, and stop attacking the employees. Due to the factual evidence that the Carmen’s Union pension is not in dire straits and the fact the state of MA is not in financial crisis, there is no reason the problems at the MBTA cannot be fixed without privatizing. Governor Baker is finding funding for what he chooses to fund i.e.: refunded almost a million dollars in fines and renegotiated the contract $15 million more each year to the private Keolis Company, (which contradicts the comment he made in 2016 stating, I don’t care if a service is provided publicly or privately. What I care about is performance, productivity,” and that the money is “well spent.”), he wants to extend $500,000 to Life Sciences over the next five years,and pay the new GM up to $300,000 a year, a 70% pay hike, (a U.S. President’s salary range is $400,000) etc. and also due to the fact that evidence shows privatization on transit systems has not proved to be better, putting private profit ahead of public interest usually costing taxpayers more, gives credence to the fact that Gov. Baker is belying the real reasons for the privatizing and having the state manage the pension fund. What is Governor Baker’s real agenda? Perhaps it’s just Corporate Greed, or perhaps Baker’s just a political opportunist and Bakers actions are done in lieu of it being the popular thing to do, or just maybe this all ties into the Baker/Weld money trail. Article published on February 28, 2017 Revealed: MA Governor Charlie Baker’s close ties to lobbyists for Spectra Energy, Whose Pipeline Projects He Backs (https://www.desmogblog.com), also Prim Reserve Investment Management (PRIM) are investing MA pensioners money in fossil fuel putting retirees funds at risk. (MASSPRIM) Investments in coal, oil, and gas companies cost the MA Pension Reserves Investment Trust $521 million in 2014, or nearly $10 million a week, according to a study published by Trillium Asset management. There is a big push right now from unions to divest from these funds which will be costly. The Governor is asking for transparency with our Pension, however, what exactly is going on with the state pension that Prim invested $2 billion of state workers and teachers retirement funds into oil, gas, and coal that they now want to divest from. Also, while this administration wants to pinch pennies and continues to publicly flay the employees for the money they make it would be interesting note what Governor Baker’s new hires in management are making especially when your giving a new GM a 70% pay hike and also there’s the 10% yearly bonus/perk I was informed managers at the MBTA receive. All in all it appears this fraud Governor Baker is perpetrating to the public is all about Corporate Greed and a Political Agenda at the expense of the hard working middle class employees.

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