Statement from Boston Carmen’s Union President, Jimmy O’Brien, in response to attack on MBTA Bus Driver

“Bus operators have the hardest jobs in the MBTA. Everyday operators are harassed. Assaults have become too common. Many no longer report all of the incidents because they have come to expect it as part of their job. This is unacceptable.

The vast majority of operators are on old buses that lack sufficient safety barriers. Replacing a handful of buses is not enough, it’s time to bring the entire fleet of buses into the 21st century and give operators the security and protection they need. No more excuses, it needs to happen now.

The MBTA needs to make a real commitment―and investment―in ensuring the safety of its employees. No one should have to go to work every day fearing for their safety.

We are grateful to the passengers who stepped up and intervened on behalf of the driver, their bravery helped stop this vicious attack.”

– Jimmy O’Brien, President, Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589

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