Training Held for Barn Captains at Florian Hall

DSC_0127Barn Captains elected from across the MBTA attended a day-long training workshop on February 10th at Florian Hall in Dorchester.

Every Barn Captain was in attendance as speakers, including 589 Attorney Paul Hynes and The Labor Bureau’s Doug Taylor, made presentations on the legal and contractual responsibilities of Barn Captains.

As the frontline representatives of Boston Carmen’s Union members, Barn Captains were trained in the technical and common sense approaches to handling employee relations problems and first steps in the grievance process.

Each Barn Captain was given a large loose-leaf binder with case studies and information to better assist them in their elected positions.

Vice President Peggy LaPaglia assembled the informational binders and introduced speakers. The entire Local 589 Executive Board were active participants in the day long training.

Click here for photos from the day.

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