Convention Election Results

Election ResultsOn behalf of the membership and the Executive Board of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, we want to congratulate the 26 candidates who ran to be a delegate at the 2013 ATU International Convention.

For the 15 people that were elected, we have every confidence in you that you will represent the membership well and make us proud.

Click here to see the results from the election.


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    • Edward J Parfumorse MBTA # 3658 on June 7, 2013 at 11:15 am

    I retired from the MBTA in 1988 as a 589 truck driver, I received a small pension but I was satisfied with my penion, I was promises that I would receive FREE health care for the remaining of my life. I know that this could change because nothing is guaranted in life. When I turned 65, like most Americans I had to go on Medicare. Now that Obama became President he helped pass Obama Care with the help of Democrats. The most important benefit as seniors for most is our health coverage which is Medicare. My wife has cancer that is remission, she will be required to have a Pet Scan periodicaly for the next 2 years, the cost of a Pet scan is $8,000. The payment of this will be eliminated under Obama Care and a lots of other coverages . When you are a senior with a moderate income health care is very importatant . 589 and most unions were resposible for the re election of Obama, SO when you turn 65 and you or someone close to you needs health care think if you supported Obama and his health care and other giveaways Remember when you become a senior the one most important benefit is health care, lots of coverage will be lost when it is most needed. My wife and I have been in close contact with many doctors since she has contracted cancer and it has been shown to us that lots of cancer treatment will not be made avaiable to medicare recepts unless they pay for them themselfs. This is just a little reminder what is going to happen in 2014 which most people do not know now. THINK when you vote what you will loose when you turn 65 and who was repsponsible.

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